Gaynor Minden Sculpted Pointe Shoes-LTD QTY

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Sculpted Fit is for the foot in-between Classic and Sleek: Sculpted has an ample metatarsal, a snug mid-foot, and a narrow-medium heel.

Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are completely different from other pointe shoes. They have a beautiful classic look on the outside, but a fully modernized interior to meet the needs of today's athletic dancers. The shanks and boxes are made from polymers prized for extraordinary flexibility, strength, and resilience. Gaynor Minden pointe shoes have been tested to withstand hundreds of thousands of releve's without any weakening or deformation of the shank or box. Shanks are available in five different variations of stiffness to ensure appropriate support for dancers at all levels. Textured Poron linings are treated with silver ion, and are slightly textured to help prevent the shoe from sliding along the foot. The linings absorb impact, noise, and make the shoes incredibly comfortable.