Só Dança 2.5" Mesh Straps Open Toe Shoe

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Rikki will let you dance all night with its perfectly placed straps and mesh. The flattering crossed satin straps provide the perfect amount of stability through the arch while still having freedom of movement. This style comes with the mesh between the straps. If you are interested in getting the same exact shoe but without the mesh between the straps, check out our ballroom shoe BL160.
  • Pretty 2.5" heel with rubber heel cap
  • Perfectly angled shank with suede sole for ease of movement
  • Satin straps held by mesh are placed in the ideal pace for comfort, no bulging bunions!
  • Easy buckle slips onto the clip so theres no fussing with the strap
  • Main strap slides through the sole under the arch to customize the fit
  • Cushioned insole allows you to dance for hours

    Sizing Guidelines:

    Women: Approximately 1.5 sizes down from street shoe size