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This article will cover a basic bun. Other bun techniques will be covered in a different article. 

1. You want to understand what type of bun is preferred for the event. Some instructors like a low bun, near the neck. Other instructors prefer it to be higher at the crown of the head. 

2. If it is for class, it is important that you understand this is part of their uniform for class (especially ballet) and is as IMPORTANT as the color of leotard and tights you were assigned.  The bun should be neatly done before walking into class. Running into class with a half up half down pony loop is disrespectful and may be asked to leave until it is fixed. 

3. Starting out, here is a list of materials needed:  bun builder, hair net, 6 - 8 U shaped Hair pins (not bobby pins), a good brush, hairspray & maybe a spray bottle of water. 

4. Brush the hair in a neat ponytail. Secure with elastic hair tie. 

5. Slip the Bun Builder (donut) over the hair or Slip the hair through the Bun Builder. 

6. Secure with another elastic hair tie keeping all very close to head.

7. With extra hair fanned out, take sections,twist & pin to bun/scalp. Repeat 2 or 3 times

8. Take the hair net and slip over the bun. pull in any loose pieces not pinned in. 

9. Using a round face clock as a reference...take the hair pin, open it up slightly, using one into the bun and other end at the scalp. Push in slowly. Start at 12:00, 6:00, 3, then 9. you get the point. 

10. If thick hair and need more pins then insert in between the other 4 places.                                          

10b. Tip: spraying pins with hair spray first helps stay secure. 

11. Using a strong hairpray, such as ONEX50, spray the whole head. Voila, you have a perfect bun. 

TIP: A small tin container is a great holder for pins, nets and hair ties or our YOFI set is a complete solution.

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