Ovation Gear Large Performance Bag

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This product boasts the following features:

  • Ability to hold up to 15 costumes
  • Light colored interior cavity to make seeing what you have packed inside a breeze
  • Collapsible design allows for easy storage during the off season, while the included stability poles keeps the bag stable when in use
  • Trolley bag design with a sturdy handle and rugged wheels for easy travel
  • Spacious interior with several storage pockets to fit all of your necessities in one place
  • Interior hanger hooks help keep clothing upright and organized while in transit
  • Steady and secure rack system sets up quickly, easily holding all your costumes for quick access
  • Insulated pocket for that in between snack
  • Black Velcro patch that can be personalized
  • Smooth rolling wheels makes traveling with your bag effortless

If you would like to add the Privacy feature to your Performance Bag you will need to also purchase the following items:

You can use just the sides screens or only the back panel or both for 3 Sides of Privacy

  • 2904 Privacy Screen Set of 2 Panels (1 for each Side)
  • 2906 Large Privacy Curtain (Back Panel)

This Performance Bag NOW comes with 2 Blank Patches

Dimensions: 31.5×17.5×14 – rack height 59″ tall