Nikolay 2007 PRO Pointe Shoe

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Made in Russia

Pointe shoes for professional dancers that are specifically designed to be silent on stage. The shoe is based on the original 2007 and features a new, noise-reducing strip on the pointe platform and on the sole under the toes, a new and unique glue with latex to give the box additional elasticity, and a new box assembly slightly reducing the length of the stiff part of the vamp. Suede sole; cotton drawstring; ribbons not included.

We always recommend you purchase shoes at our location to confirm a proper fit. These pointe shoes are hand made and could vary time to time.

Suggested Fitting: Women order 2-2½ sizes smaller than street size
Available in sizes: (adult) 3.0-8.0 X,XX,XXX,XXXX,XXXXX
(Soft shank indicates Super Soft)

This information is shown as a guide only and not a guarantee.
Actual fitting may vary.