Adage The Turner

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The Adage Turner is a versatile shoe perfect for lyrical, ballet, modern, and jazz. Designed for use by women, men, and children, the Turner gives a barefoot feel of the floor while providing excellent support and protection.

The leather toe box is extremely soft and comfortable, and features a suede under that provides excellent grip on the floor. Two elastic bands, constructed with a patented design, support the back of the foot without pinching. The elastics can be moved up and down between the ankle and heel based upon the dancer's preference.


The manufacturer's recommended fit based on your street shoe size includes:

Adult Small: 11.5-12.5
Adult Medium: 13-1.5
Adult Large: 2-3
Adult X-Large: 4-5
Adult 2X-Large: 5.5-6
Adult 3X-Large: 6.5-7.5
Adult 4X-Large: 8-9
Adult 5X-Large: 9.5-10

Note that in our experience this shoes tends to run small and the fit is definitely impacted by the width of your foot. If in doubt we recommend the larger size.

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